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50 Years of Successful Projects

Midwestern Consulting started in 1967 as three friends working together to provide quality design and excellent service to clients. Over the past half century, we’ve won awards, greatly expanded our staff and services and spun off MS2 Software, focusing on traffic data management. We’ve worked on incredibly interesting and complicated...

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Midwestern’s Greatest Hits

Over the past half century, we’ve accomplished a lot. Here are 4 accomplishments that have contributed to our success:   2002 Engineering Surveying Excellence Award Most Coveted Award: The Engineering and Surveying Excellence Award In 2002, Midwestern Consulting won the ASCE/MSPE Engineering and Surveying Excellence Award for the Northwest Airlines...

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Peace, Love and Lasers: A 50 Year Timeline

Here are the significant milestones in the history of Midwestern Consulting: 1960s The laser is born. Theodore Maiman created to tool that paved the way for CD, DVDs and, of course, 3D laser scanning Midwestern Consulting is founded in 1967 by Jim Hart, Dave Weage, and Bob Sanders 1970s Midwestern Consulting...

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