Not Just a Sidewalk

Pedestrian Crosswalk - Chelsea, Michigan Midwestern Consulting recently had the opportunity to work with the City of Chelsea on a Safe Routes to School project in conjunction with the Five Healthy Towns Foundation. We designed nearly one mile of new sidewalk and ten intersections making the trip to school safer and... Read More

The 5 Key Practices to Working with Municipalities and Institutions

Southeast Michigan is home to an amazing range of cities, townships and public institutions. We’ve partnered with many of these municipalities and institutions to create safer streets, greener buildings and much more. Along the way we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to make these projects successful. ... Read More

3 Industry Trends to Watch

At Midwestern Consulting we’re always interested in how trends develop within our industry. Here are 3 trends that we’ll be watching in 2017: 1. Increased Investment in Senior Living and Care Everyone is talking about the Boomers. There is continued investment in projects revolving around senior housing and care, including independent… Read More

2016 Year in Review

The Year of the Laser Twenty sixteen was a big year for Midwestern Consulting and our clients. Our land development experts helped to plan almost 1,000 new units. We expanded elementary schools and expanded the wireless communication infrastructure, and more than anything 2016 meant… lasers! Brandon Walker (laser scanning group leader at… Read More

Midwestern Consulting Proves To Be a Reliable Consultant to the University of Michigan

Excuse us for boasting! We couldn’t be more proud of the relationship we have developed over the years providing civil engineering services to the University of Michigan.  It’s long-term professional relationships like these that distinguish Midwestern Consulting from other civil engineering firms in southeast Michigan. The University recently announced over… Read More

Stop Treating Soil Like Dirt!

Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief of Green Builder Magazine writes in the March 2012 issue about how typical construction practices destroy soil ecosystems during development of new buildings.  Stripping and mass grading, “attack(ing) a piece of land the way a three-year-old goes after a lump of Play-Doh”, typically divides the soil into one… Read More